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Maldoror Davier

Business problem

There is not just one profession, but many. Doctors, lawyers, computer scientists or consultants carry out their activity according to their own methods. The professional is faced with complex problems.


In fiscal matters, some professionals recover VAT, while others do not. There are also particularities depending on the trades. The Finance Laws constantly change the tax calculations. How can you take advantage of best practices without taking risks?

Social protection

The calculation of social charges is of frightening complexity. In the event of high income fluctuations, they can increase considerably and dry up the cash flow without warning. Social protection is another major issue in the daily life of professionals. An interruption in activity results in a drop in income and prevents them from meeting expenses. Planning and setting up operations for retirement should not be neglected, especially when we know that many pension funds suffer from unfavourable demographics.

Accounting Process

The Associations of Approved Management (AGA), whose registration is mandatory to avoid tax penalties, see their prerogatives strengthened. They deepen their controls. The professional is often disarmed in the face of accounting questions that he does not know how to answer.

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Firm solution

At FED, we are familiar with the professionals, their jobs, and their expectations. The firm responds effectively to their concerns and has put in place appropriate solutions.

•The professional has neither the time nor the know-how to deal with his accounts management. FED relieves him of these tedious tasks and allows him to devote himself to his activity or to focus on his private life.

•Faced with change and fiscal uncertainty, the firm has tools to anticipate taxes and offer the best optimization solutions to lower the tax burden. Tax does not have to be confiscatory. FED has tools and specialists to benefit from the gentlest taxation possible.

The social protection of the professional is among the firm’s priorities. The answers to the following questions: “How much will I have to pay next year?” “What is my protection in the event of an accident?” “What will my income level be at retirement?” are all part of the firm’s duties.

FED brings security and peacefulness to professionals.

"A collaboration between an accounting firm and a member of a liberal profession is based on trust, personal relationship essential because of the incapacity of a liberal practitioner to control in detail the figures produced by his accountant."
This confidence is based on the one hand on a fluidity of exchanges in a context of liberal major workload limiting the time available, and on the other hand quality advice received to improve the operation of our practices and investments in any tax security.
FED and Maldoror Davier offered me these two requests, that is to say a great flexibility in the moments of meeting and distance discussion as well as proposals of new ideas to simplify the accounting aspects and the capacities of development of my cabinet.



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