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Dear Reader,

I will address myself to the manager who is dormant inside of you, the one who understands that your company’s figures have a deep and profound importance. But how can I choose between two accountants? Is there really a difference between debit and credit? For those who are looking for a price, a discount, all cats are grey, and all accountants are cautious.

But with Certified Public Accountants, the savvy entrepreneur understands that he is dealing with a professional. He recognizes the science and the talent of who he is working with. You know that the expert is there to analyse your accounts and to deepen your understanding of them. The CPA blocks fiscal obstacles and finds the best financial paths for your company to take.

If you have a desire to make more money ahead of paying more taxes, then you should join us. Let’s take the road to larger profits together. Welcome to FED.

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Maldoror Davier

Chartered Accountant

A structured and specialized team

Being an entrepreneur requires being surrounded by qualified people who reflect the company’s vision of excellence to the customers. It is through this perspective, and with my entrepreneurial experience, that I have gathered in my office the rising talents of the accounting world.

In the age of Big Data, we believe that accounting data belongs to the entrepreneur, and that you must have easy access to know your earnings in real time, and to understand the life of your business. A strong link must exist between the accountant and the entrepreneur, who ensures the latter’s knowledge of his figures.

Every Head of Mission is specialized in several particular fields and has the same vision of entrepreneurship that pushes you to develop your business. Passionate about your field, our mission managers recruit partners to bring you a specialized expertise that corresponds to your needs. We operate in a real professional synergy.

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Discover the difference

Forget the accounting you know and the problems it brings you

A tailor-made

One of our specialized staff will take care of your file depending on your area of activity. Thanks to their knowledge of economic mechanisms, of accounting data, and of your sector of activity they will be bridged between yourself and your company.

The relationship between FED and the company manager goes beyond the monthly VAT reports and annual balance.

A strong link must exist between us to ensure you are familiar with your figures. We offer a range of management tools: dashboards, reports, but also permanent access to your accounts via online solutions.

With weekly or monthly meetings and real availability, we build an environment which encourages the growth of your business and create a real partnership with our customers.

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... to optimize your accounts and your business.

With an extremely varied client portfolio and a knowledge of the issues related to the growth and development of your company, our firm is at the forefront in the area of advice and fiscal intelligence.

The development of an analytical strategy for the figures linked to an improvement of your accounting makes it possible to act intelligently in the multiplication of the sector of growth and diversification.

Choose your sector of activity

Adapted and personalized, our services bring you tailor-made solutions

How does the implementation of our partnership work?

After becoming aware of the possibilities we offer, you contact us for a first exchange. Here are the key steps.


Discover our services or contact us directly by email or phone!

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Our customers testify!

They have stopped believing that accounting expertise was purely a cost because we have expertise that works and that makes you want to be adopted

We had a “ghost” accountant and our accounts did not allow us to realize the potential of our business.

It is by desire for optimization that we have called on FED and its expertise. We decided to end our contract with our former firm in order to switch to FED. Thanks to their flawless availability and expertise, our accounts are an excellent reflection of our business and we have been able to progress much faster in just a few months! What a great investment!

An expert to see clearly in the monitoring of our real estate operations.

As a merchant of goods if there is something that leaves no room for improvisation is the resale lot of a building. In the complex management of these issues the Fed accountant firm has proved to be the indispensable partner that we have been looking for, it must be said, for a long time. The multidisciplinarity of Maldoror's team and his knowledgeable expertise allowed us to go much further than our forecasts!

In an increasingly complex economic and legal environment for SMEs, FED provides us daily with the concrete solutions that are essential to our business.

His expertise is well established and his advice makes him a partner of choice for our growth. The privileged relationship with the firm allows us to have many advices and precise answers to our questions and problems that we meet internationally as well as in the French overseas territories.

FED | Customized services according to your activity!

Because each business sector is different, the accounting needs must adapt to it thanks to seasoned and specialized professionals. Visualize the needs of your business according to your field of work.