DNA of the firm

FED – another vision of accounting

Unlike the traditional cabinet, we offer innovative solutions to entrepreneurs and support their vision through our proximity and our advice

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Our know-how

FED ensures the qualifications of its teams. Each employee, chosen with care, benefits from continuous training in order to ensure the mastery of his role. Each file is reviewed by an experienced manager. This level of requirement guarantees the professionalism of our accounting intervention.

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Our behaviour

Each customer has a direct relationship with the teams in charge of his file. He knows his representatives/interlocutors, as every employee knows his customer. Addressing needs and satisfying demands is at the heart of our mission. Establishing a privileged link is our priority.
Alone we go fast, together we go further.

A long-term vision

The firm at FED has a vision of accounting that does not come down to just compliance with legal obligations. We believe that accounting, and more broadly management, is a wealth for the company. The invention of the “double part” and a specialized accounting grammar allowed for the creation of a rational economic language.

Accounting also borrows its vocabulary from literature, such as newspapers and ledgers, showing how it describes and measures the economic ventures of the company. Thanks to accounting, the entrepreneur can know his company’s performance and can become a “homo economicus”.

A close relationship

The relationship between the FED firm and the entrepreneur goes beyond the monthly VAT statements and the annual balance sheet assessment. In the age of big data, we think that accounting data belongs to the entrepreneur and that he has the indissoluble right to have access to them, to know his earnings in real time, and to understand the life of his company. A strong link must exist between the accountant and the entrepreneur, and the accountants must ensure the latter’s knowledge of his figures.

The firm offers various management tools to its customers: dashboards, reports, as well as permanent access to his accounts via online solutions. With meetings and real availability, we create a real partnership with our customers.

Maldoror Davier

Chartered Accountant and Auditor

“Graduate of Skema Business School, Chartered Accountant and Auditor, creator of start-up and author of the book « Réussir sa start-up… Après la start-up mania » at Editions Dunod, I founded the firm cabinet with a simple vision: to share with my clients the revelations of accounting.

passionate about entrepreneurship and specialist in new technologies, I bring my expertise with my team in various fields to enable you to succeed and optimize your profits in a world in perpetual evolution.

As an independent member of XLNC, a global alliance of international accounting, consulting and law firms, our firm is able to deliver the best possible advice on a global scale. Through XLNC we have access to experts around the world who are able to give advice on local regulations, compliance and go-to-market strategies.

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