FED Chartered Accountants – Connected accounting

FED is involved in all of the accounting, fiscal, and social areas of the company. As a first council for companies, we offer personalised and specially adapted services.

More than just an accountant firm

Our expertise and our multidisciplinary specialties allow us a recognized global vision that will help your company.


The firm handles all work relating to accounting. It will carry out a complete mission, ranging from the recording of accounting transactions to the preparation of annual accounts. The entrepreneur is relieved of administrative pressure which saves valuable time.

The firm can play a supervisory role when the accounting is held internally. It complements the work of the team and brings, through its know-how, security to the company.


FED draws up all tax declarations on behalf of its clients. The use of dematerialization frees the entrepreneur from administrative constraints. Investment in modern technologies facilitates trade. The use of dematerialization frees the entrepreneur from administrative complaints. The firm plays a vigilant role to ensure compliance with regulations and alerts its customers in case of anomalies.


For those who want to guide their company using indicators, FED puts in place an adapted dashboard. The firm establishes monthly situations and budgets to aid the entrepreneur.


At FED, we know that the life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. Many hazards – and opportunities – can arise. We offer advice and benefits to help you to deal with these uncertain times. Whether it is acquisition, transmission, evaluation, or any other aspect, FED is present alongside the entrepreneur.


The life of an entrepreneur oscillates between risk and the unknown. Critical decision-making is essential for daily life. Our firm positions itself as the preferred partner. Thanks to our knowledge of economic mechanisms and our interpretation of accounting data, we provide the compass to indicate the captain’s course. The entrepreneur is never alone.


The company environment is dense and complex. Finding reliable solutions is not always easy and there is a constant need for multiple, varied skills. FED has a network of the best specialists. Thanks to its panoramic vision and intimate knowledge of the company, FED can orchestrate and supervise the most difficult interventions.


FED handles social management. Entrusting the firm with the writing up of payslips, social declarations, and annual declarations, allows the delegation, to a professional, of the legal constraints. In order to do this, the firm has a specialized service.


Certifying the sincerity of a company’s accounts helps to maintain confidence in the economic system. Through the statutory auditors, FED helps the entrepreneur to secure his accounts. . FED is also very capable of intervening in all missions related to legal audit.

Wealth Management

We think that wealth management is directed to all. It is not reserved for a minority. Wealth is an asset that must be managed in order to perform well. FED hopes to offer a tailor-made solution to these customers. From a patrimonial diagnosis, we can consider the strategies adapted to each one. Our environment is constantly evolving: taxation, transmission, donation, investments, stock market, responsible savings, etc. Our CGPI specialist (independent financial adviser) will receive you in all confidentiality.

Each business sector deserves proper accounting

As a real expert, we invite you to write the story of your company closer to you.

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Et l’impôt fut créé

L’histoire de l’impôt est aussi vieille que le monde. Les impôts sont à l’origine des premières mathématiques. Hé oui comment faire rentrer l’argent dans es caisses si on ne peut pas le compter.

les mots qui sauvent

« Je préfère les mots qui sauvent aux mots qui plaisent » Démosthène © Les experts-comptables ont un devoir de conseil vis à vis de leurs clients, mais surtout ils leur doivent la vérité.

La comptabilité digitale via la comptabox

Dans un monde connecté, on veut pouvoir communiquer son expert-comptable facilement. une des premières étapes de la relation est la transmission des pièces comptables à son expert-comptable afin que celui ci puisse les enregistrer.

De la transparence fiscale

La transparence fiscale Qu’est ce que la transparence fiscale? Il s’agit de la possibilité pour tout citoyen d’avoir accès sous certaines conditions d’avoir accès aux revenus de n’importe quel autre citoyen.

Our customers are talking about us

Their problems our solutions

“Producing a film is a financial paper chase” « Even if it is tempting, we cannot go into the production of a film without a care in the world without thinking about the consequences and the financial repercussions of such a project. It is necessary to know how and when to integrate the different public and private subsidies which present themselves, be that a possible payment advance or an audio-visual tax credit. Risk taking must be calculated, and FED helps us to fall back on our feet every time so that we can embark on new projects. »
In an increasingly complex economic and legal environment for SMEs, FED provides us daily with the concrete solutions that are essential to our business. His expertise is well established and his advice makes him a partner of choice for our growth. The privileged relationship with the firm allows us to have many advices and precise answers to our questions and problems that we meet internationally as well as in the French overseas territories.
An expert to see clearly in the monitoring of our real estate operations. As a merchant of goods if there is something that leaves no room for improvisation is the resale lot of a building. In the complex management of these issues the Fed accountant firm has proved to be the indispensable partner that we have been looking for, it must be said, for a long time. The multidisciplinarity of Maldoror's team and his knowledgeable expertise allowed us to go much further than our forecasts!
We had a “ghost” accountant and our accounts did not allow us to realize the potential of our business. It is by desire for optimization that we have called on FED and its expertise. We decided to end our contract with our former firm in order to switch to FED. Thanks to their flawless availability and expertise, our accounts are an excellent reflection of our business and we have been able to progress much faster in just a few months! What a great investment!
“External advice is essential, because one always has the nose to the grindstone” « In our business, the economic environment is rapidly changing. We have therefore decided to focus on our technology. For the back office, we chose to intrust FED with all the accounting management of our activity. We feel safe with a recognized professional who understands our needs. »
In search of investors and lawyers to make a high-end acquisition I was able to find qualified people through FED's network. Much more than just an accountant firm, FED is above all a first class council.
Having a good relationship with one's accountant as part of an international company is essential; As a CFO working in an Anglo-Saxon environment with different accounting standards, it is important to rely on competent experts to comply with all the statutory and legal rules. FED has supported us for several years in a regulatory and tax environment in permanent modification. The firm ensures that we are up to date with all obligations. They also accompany us on corporate strategy and on maintaining a good relationship with our French customers. Combining local expertise and international dimension is not within everyone's reach, and FED knows how to do it. Their responsiveness, professionalism and availability allow me as CFO to respond in the best conditions to all internal and external demands of the company.
"A collaboration between an accounting firm and a member of a liberal profession is based on trust, personal relationship essential because of the incapacity of a liberal practitioner to control in detail the figures produced by his accountant." This confidence is based on the one hand on a fluidity of exchanges in a context of liberal major workload limiting the time available, and on the other hand quality advice received to improve the operation of our practices and investments in any tax security. FED and Maldoror Davier offered me these two requests, that is to say a great flexibility in the moments of meeting and distance discussion as well as proposals of new ideas to simplify the accounting aspects and the capacities of development of my cabinet.