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Maldoror Davier

Business Problem

The success of a business is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. The 5% of inspiration represents the following: the original idea, the analysis of your personal motivation, the constraints of the project and the harmony between its means and its needs. Once these answers are obtained, the business takes shape.
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The success or failure of business creation lies in the implementation

In this respect, the entrepreneur becomes a jack-of-all-trades whose time is organized as follows

Sales : 20%-30%

Production : 50%-60%

Management : 10%-20%

The first two phases are understood quite well. Everyone is aware of the need to find customers, to prospect, to establish a marketing plan, to promote their product or service.

Management is often the poor relation of this balance

In the pre-creation phase, the part of the financial forecasts, the calculation of the breakeven point and the financing needs make it possible to judge the economic relevance of the project. Then you have to choose your legal status: individual entrepreneur or company? There are many points that require solid support.

In the daily life of the company, the management is permanent

Administrative forms invade the mailbox: tax questionnaires, VAT, corporate tax, RSI (French social security scheme) … There are as many as there are leaves on a tree (they are numerous). It is necessary to follow invoices, to know which customer has paid, which customer must be chased up, to know which taxes to pay or not. Some prefer not to open the administrative Pandora’s Box and to concern themselves with management at the last moment.

Even if management does not appear to be the most important part of the business, it still remains essential. Too many companies in the order book fail due to mismanagement. Management is like a turtle; it moves slowly, but it always catches up with you. In order to not become overwhelmed, the entrepreneur must be able to benefit from local monitoring to be able to make the right social, tax, and accounting decisions.

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Firm solution

Our firm is familiar with entrepreneurs and their needs. To help them towards the success of their project, the firm establishes a set of services at each stage: at creation, at the start of the activity, and when in operation… FED offers a coaching service and personalized hotline.

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Technical solutions : Creation

The firm carries out a profit and loss account, determines the break-even point, helps with the financing calculations

It helps to make the right choice of status of the entrepreneur

At the start of the activity

It helps the entrepreneur to organize the administrative section: organize the papers, detect what is important and what is not

It responds to administrative, tax, and social questions/demands

In operation

It provides management information that allows the entrepreneur to track his finances

As soon as the company develops, the implementation of dashboards and reports will give reliable indicators

Human solutions

The entrepreneur poorly tackles this section, which is often unfamiliar to him. In addition to technical solutions, he needs to have a partner at his side to benefit from local service.

FED offers a coaching service hotline

Our dedicated people take care of the entrepreneur. He knows their names, numbers, and can reach them directly. The firm takes the time to organize and structure the administrative section in order to prevent problems, rather than suffer them.

At every stage of the project at the start of the activity, the entrepreneur is no longer alone and will find solid, reliable support.

Start-up entrepreneur, we went from 5 to 150 people in five years. We follow the classic course of a gazelle: enthusiasm and doubt on the one hand, exponential growth and fundraising on the other. Success is always based on strong values: vision, hard work and meetings.
My meeting with Maldoror Davier 15 years ago was a revelation. He has followed and encouraged me happily in all my adventures. In great moments, as in the small miseries of the entrepreneur, his wise advice and professionalism guide me on the right track. Supported by a real partner, my company goes further.
Who sows benevolence, reaps recognition.


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